Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 11 2010

Our boy named Sue. Sue followed the boys home from school one day and I couldn't find any little thing in all the fur so I thought he was a she . That is how we got a boy named Sue.
This was sweet Tiger. He came with Tom. Tom did not know his birthday either because he got Tiger at about 6 months old. Not sure of his exact age.

Tiger lived to be about 18 years old. Tom wanted him to live forever!!!!!

This was Friend. Another kitty who just showed up and needed a home.

And here is our Happy who just showed up and needed a home. She has been with us 12 years and counting. The vet says she is between 15 and 18 and he thinks it is closer to 18. I think it is too b/c she is very arthritic. She shows at times that she is in pain.

I have other kitties pictures to show you some other day.
Have a very good day!!!! Come back to see me when you can. I love company!!!!!
Bambi, Happy and Fern

Hi friends, It is raining here today. It is not cold just raining and it is supposeto be most of the day. I have been looking at pictures all am and I don't know which ones to load. It is Madi's birthday today. She is 8 today. That is one goood thing about choosing your animals. I have not known when their birthdays were in a long time. I have only had rescue animals and the ones that just walked up and said Hi I want to live with you. We really even don't have gotcha days because I'm not sure to the day when Happy showed up and only about the day I got Bambi.

Where is my head?


  1. Sometimes. Often. Nothing said is better than something said.

    Jake and Fergi (practicing peaceful silence!)

  2. This post is messed up but it is going to stay that way. The computer is not happy today. It always acts up when it is raining b/c we are on dial up. The first part of the blog is at the end.
    That's the way it is!!! lol

  3. I like your 'backwards to go forward' approach to blogging! Lovely cats - they were smart to find you - they knew a good home when they saw one!
    Lots of licks
    Sally and Paddy

  4. Beautiful cats living at your house! Hugs and wags, Mistaya

  5. Hi Fern,

    Great cat photos.

    It's raining a bit here too, but at least it is warmer.


  6. Allyour ktties and dogs are fortunate to have "found" you!


  7. Lucky cats and dogs to be with you, have a great friday Fern.

  8. Hi Fern,
    Thanks for dropping by earlier. I remember that song, A Boy named Sue. And my nickname as a little girl was Sam. Bet you didn't know that!LOL! I really don't know how I obtained it but I did. And that's who I named my little shih tzu after. ME!

  9. Hi! Sorry for not checking in but I think you know why....SOMEONE needed "special" attention. Great kitty pictures! I like the boy named Sue....funny. Hope all is going well with you. Raining here too....but ALL the snow is going away! Can't wait to get in the flower and herb gardens! Keep smiling!

  10. Of khourse, I was taken with each of 'em!

    Thanks fur sharing!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  11. Mom and dad have friends in Vermont that had a cat named Tiger and he lived to be 21 years old! The name Tiger must mean longevity!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  12. Hi Fern,

    We loves ya, but we have to tell ya cats are aliens. You're brave for letting them live in your home.


  13. Fern
    cute cat pictures. Least the animals know where to come to get some TLC huh?? They must know that you love all animals, word has gotten out lol


  14. Hi Fern

    Loved all your kitty pictures. I especially like Tiger since I love the orange kitties. Sorry you had rain, we had a gray day too. Yesterday was so much nicer.

    Heidi, Tucker, Daisy and Leo

  15. Good Morning Fern,
    I'm drinking coffee here at 5:30a.m. getting ready to go in for another's day work. Some days the job is not too bad, some day's it's backbreaking.
    Yes, I walk Ted and Lou every day. Teddy discovered the outdoors when we had adopted him. He had NEVER been outside as a pup until we got him. The lady kept all the litter in a special bedroom in the house. She was older and she couldn't have kept up w/ them outside. She was a nice lady and loved the pups though.

    I am actually crocheting and trying to make a pretty tote bag in bright colors. Found the pattern on someone else's blog. It was her pattern. I'll post a picture of it when finished. I need a break from knitting right now, kinda in a rut with it. I'm not doing any dyeing. I just do that when the mood strikes and the weather is warmer. I have to hang the skeins or roving outside on a clothes line to dry. That's a time consuming thing, and I've not yet discovered a method I prefer to use yet. I work part time at the hospital. And part time at home.Have a great day and happy blogging!

  16. Happy Birthday to Madi! Your cats are adorable. Happy looks like my Lou!
    Bud, lives in a bunny condo in the finished basement. He has heat, three floors and plenty of attention! He is just so darn cute! I hate it too when I see bunnies outside in cages and nobody takes care of them!
    Have a nice day!!!

  17. Hi, hi, hi! Thanks for stopping by our bloggy! Of course we would like to be friends with you! It's very nice to meet you!

    Penny & Patches

  18. Hello Nice Quilt Lady,
    We have been very bad about visiting friends this week. Sob. Those kittehs look like a lot of fun. I think I would like to have one for myself.

    It is going to rain here today, but I'm not bothered. With all the sunshine I have been working hard outside and need a rest.


  19. Hi Fern....Madi and I say each of the kitties who has wander into your life are indeed fortunate. They must have spread the good word about you and Tom being very loving of all creattures. We appreaciate you taking the time to look at Madi's b-day videos. She has become quite the actress. My daughter and son in law are visiting this weekend.
    Happy Saturday.
    Madi and Mom