Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Monday, August 9, 2010

Who else has had trouble with Google today?? I couldn't get on all day!!! So I cooked a lot and listened to Roy Orbison!! Mopped the kitchen too!!
I am going to tell you what I cook for Bambi!! I cook barley, green beans, sweet potato, fresh tomatoes, and herbs from the garden. The barley needs 3 cups of water and the sweet potato cut up in bit size pieces, green beans need another cup and a half of water and sea salt boil 35 minutes if it is pear barley. If it is rolled barley than it is cooked 20 to 25 minutes, or until your sweet potatoes are done. I cook ground beef or sirloin separately and add to the other food.
She eats two times a day. She also has 2 hard boiled eggs and fruit, like bananas, pineapple, or apple. Some time when I have blueberries around she likes some of those. I have to cook for her at least twice a week. What do you think about her diet??
For breakfast I cook oatmeal and on top of that oatmeal I put bananas, pineapple, blueberries(if I have them) walnuts, currents and raisins. That is what I have for breakfast everyday of the week because I love my oatmeal that way!!! It is so good!!! I like it better then bacon and pancakes!!!!
Now my friends, do you have any questions???
Sorry I am so late blogging but I couldn't get on my blog or anyone else's!!!
Love coming your way, Bambi & Fern


  1. All I know is it sounds good to MEMEME!!!! I'll share a plate with bambi!! Tazzy

  2. Well, The Moms were at work all day, so I can't get on the computer anyway until Blog Mom gets home. That diet sounds wonderful and super healthy. I'm not much on fruits or veggies myself, but I bet I'd eat that. Bambi is a ucky dog!

    Blog Mom says to tell you that she just loves Roy Orbison, even though she hasn't listened to him for a long time. She still loves every single song.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  3. I didn't have trouble today.
    My mom says that any day spent cooking with Roy Orbison... is like pure heaven!! To heck with blogging if that is what you did. hehehe

  4. Bambi's diet sounds healthy and so yummy! Wanna sharing, Bambi??
    Your breakfast looks very good too, Fern. I LOVE human food.
    Once again, Bambi is a lucky to have you by her side.
    Thanks for the tips.
    Thor xx

  5. Bambi is so lucky, home-cooking and Roy Orbison.
    I love oatmeal too, but I would rather have pancakes...guess I'll just stick to my Special K.

  6. MAn are you one lucky dog there Bambi. Your food sounds delicious and I could eat some of it too. You are lucky to have such a good mom to cook for you!!


  7. Your meals sure sound delicious to us, Bambi and very healthy! Our mom likes oatmeal too but she also loves pancakes!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  8. Do you know what you feed Bambi reminds me of what we would feed Sunbears when I was a zookeeper many years ago now.

    What a great diet for longevity and I just adore those Coons!!!!

  9. mumster Must learn from your mumster....i Know i will be a Full and Happy dawg if i were to live with you ....


  10. Bambi is one lucky girl....what a healthy diet...goodness me you could share lunch with her. Sounds delicious.

    Madi and Mom

  11. Hi Fern! Bambi eats better than I do! I'm sitting here eating a chocolate donut.


  12. We are packing up our car and heading your way. Bambi's dinners sound delicious! What a wonderful dog mum you are. Does Happy get to join in the tasty dinners too?

  13. What a diet!!!! Your little Bambi eats a more balanced diet than I do!


  14. Wow - those dinners and breakfasts sound great!! Lucky Bambi - I'm sure she appreciates those special meals :o)
    Judie, Duncan & Hamish

  15. Sounds good to me. A very healthy diet. Mum likes that breakfast too. Sounds good. Take care. Hugs GJ x

  16. Fern and Bambi-
    Thanks for the recipe you sent! Stanzie just loves it. Wyatt was a little more picky and just ate the sweet potatoes. Stanzie says 'Yeah, more for ME!'

    Wyatt's Mom

  17. Meow,meow,meow! We've just stopped by to see how you are doing. Sending our bestest of purrs your way for a wonderful day.

  18. Bambi's diet sure sounds very delicious and healthy, much better than regular dried dog food.