Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fern Update

Tom here...

For all concerned, Fern has sustained a concussion from a fall hitting her right temple. This has resulted in disorientation, confusion, loss of comprehension and some memory. She has difficulty operating equipment like the computer, TV remote, microwave, etc. Because of this, she will not be able to post for some time. How much recovery she will have or how long it will take is unknown.
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Hello to all Fern's friends.  This is Heidi, mom from Two Goldens and a Wannabe, posting for Fern.  I spoke to Fern this evening, and she wants everyone to know that although physically she is healing from her fall, she did sustain a concussion from falling.  She is having trouble working with the computer, and so has been unable to blog.  The doctor tells her she should bounce back, but she needs to rest and let her brain heal.  I know I was worried about her, and I imagine her other blog friends are too, so I said I would try and get on her blog to let everyone know what is going on.  I hope you will join me in wishing Fern the best and send good wishes for a quick recovery.

Friday, October 10, 2014

I am starting to heal!!

I am still sore from the fall.   I am healing pretty good tho!   I can not see at all tho!  it is so hard to be on the computer!!  I WISH Wish I could blog!!   I so want to blog about the rest of my story!! BUT
Love coming your way, Fern and the cats

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I look like I have been used as a punching bag!!

Thank you so much for you all worrying about me.   It was a very bad fall!!  Tom was out shopping and I had started to fix a big salad for our lunch.  I had put a lot of our home grown tomatoes and some red onions and cucumber & carrots in the salad too.  Then I went out  to get some kale and mustard greens we are growing on the back patio. They are so good when young!!  So good in salads!!!
You know I have been dizzy alot lately- Yes??  Days I had been dizzy but not Saturday. I would not have gone out if I had been dizzy!!!  Any way I went out and squat  "sorry can not spell"  to pick the greens  and when I went to stand up everything went round and round!!!!!  I took a face first down on the patio!!!  Blood---  I bleed like a stuck pig!!   no thank goodness I only broke my glasses and probably creaked a rib or two!!  For a 79 year old in December not bad!!!!

Love you all LOTS, Fern and the cats