Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bambi and it's hot

We have Sumner!!! It is hot!!! Today it is suppose to go to 95 and feel like 100 degrees!!! You spend 15 minutes out there and you are sweating !!! Every time I go out I come back in with a tick or two. That is the fun of having 3 acres!!!!!! A wooded 3 acres!!! Love it in the winter but the summer you get ticks!!!
I don't know if the computer is not happy or Blogger is not happy. But the last two days I haven't been able to do much going to others blogs and have had lots of trouble leaving comments. If I have left you a comment it took an hour or more and had to reboot at least once. It takes me 20 to 30 minutes to load your blog. So I am working really hard to be friends!!!!
Love your company!!!! Do comment often please. Don't wait for me to blog. Just come and talk!!!!!!!!!!
Love you guys and fur babies lots, Bambi & Fern


  1. Hi Fern...oh my stars it is hot here too. Thermometer reads 78 but I believe the humidity is 78% too. Blogger is very temperamental sometimes. Earlier this week I could not leave comments on any blogs for about 1 hour. Very frustrating. TICKS oh I hate bugs!!! Is there some type of spray you can put on to keep them at bay? How is Tom feeling?
    Happy weekend,
    Madi and Mom

  2. Well it's rainy and 52 here! We wish it would warm up! I am getting anxious to get in the dirt! Hope you have a fun weekend! Keep smiling!

  3. Hey Fern,

    It's very comfy here today, but kind of sad. Our little Tori left us this morning. Her peeps drove down from NY to get her - hope they have a safe trip back.

    You be careful about those ticks - we don't want you to get bitten.


  4. We get that heat, but we don't have the humidity. We also don't have the tick and flea problem. Stay cool. When it's very hot, we get hosed down.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  5. It's hot here, too - up to 82 today and humid. We've got thunder storms going through this afternoon so maybe it will cool down some. And I HATE those ticks, too. My boys are on Frontline and that really helps. I've found four dead ticks on Hamish but none on Duncan - I wonder if they're attracted to certain body chemistries because Duncan & Hamish are in the same places but only one picks up the ticks. At any rate, they're a pest I could do without!!!

  6. HI Fern, it was up to 80 here today and it was beautiful. We have ticks here too but they are only here in the early spring when it is still a bit cool. When the summer heat arrives they leave!! But until it gets hot there are millions of ticks everywhere! I won't miss them when we move to the ocean at Washington State!! Have a great weekend, Gail and Mistaya

  7. Blogger so has a mind of its own too many times!

    Sorry it go so hot - Mom is sweating just thinking about those temps -

    We hit 80 today with a real feel of 86 or so -

    Stay safe !


  8. Fern, it is so cold and damp here, it is like February! The past two days I have had to put my coat on to take Tootie outside! It's been nasty weather for May. I love the warmth. Several others have made the comment that it's been hard to leave comments on blogger. So far, I've not had the trouble.


  9. Hi Fern-

    Sometimes we have trouble with the blogger too.
    When we try and comment, some blogs just keep coming in layers and we have to shut down and reboot....???
    Sorry it's so hot down there. We just got our first nice weather, 70 degrees and flowers are just really popping!
    Wyatt, Stanzie and family

  10. HI Fern its getting cold here, we had minus 1 the other morning.

  11. Those certainly are hot temps! YUK to the ticks!
    Try to stay cool, Fern and Bambi!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  12. I found a tick on me the other day too...we live on 29 acres of woods!!!
    It has been hot and humid here...

    Happy weekend,
    Kit and Pups

  13. We are in the 90's but our humidity is low so the days are fine, especially the mornings. By the time summer is in full swing, we will have days of 115 and higher. Not fit for anyone, is it!