Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Friday, December 20, 2013

The last instalment on Joker

Joker hardly ever barked!!!   All my 3 sight hounds hardly ever barked!!  Do amy of you know of a barking sight hound????  They are such quiet dogs!!!! Joker was real friendly too.  When we were out walking if someone would come up to me he would wag his tail and be friendly unless you touched me----- then if he could get to you he would bite you.  He didn't want any stranger touching me!!!!!  Joker did bite two people!!!!!
My oldest son came one day out of the blue to see his Mom and he didn't call first.  I didn't have the time to prepare Joker for the visit!!  He came to the gate and we went out to let him in and so fast he came to me to kiss me hello and Joker bit him!!   It was only a nip, didn't even brake the skin but it happened.  Joker had never seen this man before and that man come right up to his Mama and kissed her!!!!  Only Daddy can do that!!!!

The other man Joker bit was a repair man.  I don't even remember what he came to repair now!!  So long ago!!!  This man was here for a couple of hours I remember that!!!  Everything was fine until the end.  He gave me the bill and I wrote a check out for him and gave it to him. He was standing there talking to me and then he reached out to touch me and Joker bit him so fast!!!  He bit him good too.  We saw blood!!! He said he was only going to shake my hand but I am not sure about that!!!  He was being very friendly!!!!  Too friendly as far as Joker was concerned!!!  He was not mad at Joker or me thank goodness!!!  We doctored his hand with Joker just inches away from him... He said it was his fault!!  That Joker seemed so friendly  that he didn't think anything about shaking my hand!!!  Said he knew better and that it was his fault.
He left and thank God we never heard from him again!!!
Joker loved his home and his mom so very much and nobody should touch his Mom but our Daddy.  I was so safe with him around!!!
Joker developed kidney failure at a very old age for a big dog!!!  We had to help him to the bridge in 91.  I saw so lonely with out him!!!   He was so much company for me.   I was without a dog for 3 months after Joker left.
I adopted Amanda in 91..... She was a Whippet who was 4 and a half years old again from Ga...

Love coming your way,  Fern


  1. Thanks for sharing Joker with us, we loved reading about him.

  2. Joker was a very loyal dog and clearly was your protector, Fern. I know you miss him.

    Happy Holidays to you, Tom and the kitties. We're off to San Francisco to spend Christmas with Poppy and her parents.

  3. I have really enjoyed reading about Joker, he sounds like a very special dog and extremely devoted to you Fern. Who knows, he might have protected you from the overly friendly repair man more than you know.

  4. Joker was so sweet and special! We love him too.

  5. We've enjoyed getting to know Joker better, Fern. He was sure one special boy ♥

    Love ya lots♥
    Mitch and Molly

  6. Sounds like Joker was a wonderful friend friend and protector for you. Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

    Critter Alley

  7. Joker was a little like me (except for the barking) I'm very alert when someone comes to close to my mom :o)
    Have a wonderful christmas, may all your wishes come true.

  8. I have really enjoyed reading about Joker. What a special boy.