Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rain on Wednesday

Good morning friends. It is raining for a change. For the last three months we have had only 1.6 inches of rain!!! Before yesterday we were 18 inches short of normal rain fall. It rained yesterday and it is raining today at least for now!!!
The first week-end Bambi spent with me it rained all week-end long!!! It never stopped. She was a puppy, well 5 months old and she wanted to be out side and she wanted to play too!! So we were outside and we played in the rain!!! She loved it. I and she were wet the whole week-end long!!!! We walked and walked!!! She never did like to play ball. I think that is the sight hound in her. My other sight hounds didn't like to play ball either.
They loved their stuffies and loved to chew on bones and play tug of war but no ball.

Love coming your way, Fern and Angel Bambi


  1. Hi Fern, my brother and I love our stuffies. We really haven't played ball much but it's not something we were into anyways. The shelties just want food - but they'll do tricks for it.

  2. What fun memories! I don't recall having a dog that loved rain. In fact, when the rain is cold or particularly heavy, Gretchen just won't go out until she absolutely has to.


  3. Hi Fern. We love our stuffies, bones, tug and especially tennis balls. I, Thor don't like rain.

    Thor and Jack xx

  4. Hi Fern! I'm so glad you're getting some rain! When we first got Bart and Gizmo, in early 2005, Southern California got like a quarter inch short of the MOST rain in recorded history! House breaking was a LONG process!

    Enjoy your rain, and I hope your garden appreciates it!

  5. Mom says that Hawk loved tennis balls, but none of us girls have ever really cared for them. I prefer my stuffed rabbit. Stay dry, Miss Fern!


  6. Hi Fern, Bambi was a girl after our own heart, we don't DO ball games, what's the point unless they're food balls of course :-) Lovely photo's of the sweet girl, Dex & Lou xxx

  7. I'm sure the garden is happy about the rain!!!
    Hugs to you girlfriend!

  8. We're so glad you're getting your much-needed rain, Fern! Your garden must be loving it!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  9. Great rainy memories!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  10. I know you are glad for a bit of rain--hope more comes your way! Maggie loved stuffies too--she would play with the same one for years, whereas Sage is not allowed stuffies. She rips them apart and eats the insides (if I let her).

  11. Hey Fern!
    Wow, I'm glad you finally got some rain. Here in my territory, we have plenty of extra we'd like to send to you. Frankie just got flooded, so we'd like to share. Anyway, I'm so glad you have such great memories of your Angel Bambi.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  12. We had rain too Fern. Jazzi isnt a big fan of the rain most time but there are a few rare times, where I cant get her in out of the rain LOL Have a great day Fern

    Diana and Jazzi

  13. Hi Fern we've had a little rain this week but not enough to even moisten the rain gauge.
    Other parts of our county got 3 to 6 " and fortunately it rained over our main county water supply too.
    My Dad's tomatoes have been tasty but the heat is finally getting to them. He cannot keep them watered as much as they need.
    Madi and Mom

  14. Enjoy the rain and please send some our way...we're getting desperate over here! Thanks for sharing your sweet memories of Bambi!

  15. Hi Fern...i was thinking about you and wondering how you are doing .

    and i wanted you to know it...

    sending love,
    kary and l'il teddy

  16. Great happy memories. I know you miss her. Hugs to you!