Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hurt myself, again!!!!!!

Yesterday when I went out to feed & put fresh water out for the coons, I really hurt myself! It was the last time for the day. My Tom ran water lines to the back fence about 25 years ago. So I have a faucet right by the gate. That faucet gets a lot of use! It does not turn off like it use to!!
You have to really turn off the water, hard!! I turned the water off HARD! I pulled a mussel! My whole hand is swollen, & red. I am typing with my left hand only. Dr. Tom said I was not to do anything today, but put ice & then heat, then ice again on my hand. So I am putting ice & hot & ice again. I have only been out to feed & water once today. I will go out again when Tom comes home & he will turn off the water for me if I ask nicely.
See you all next time

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  1. Take care of that hand. A quilter and a blogger needs both her hands!