Max and Allie

Max  and Allie

Monday, October 1, 2012

Another sad post

Happy cat came to us--just walked up to the front porch one day over 15 years ago and said Hi--  I have come to live you guys!!
We had no dog at that time we were just like we are now animal---less!!!!  We of course welcomed her in and from that day on Happy was so happy we called her Happy!!!!!  
Happy had had many litters of kittens and she was no spring chicken.  
We took her to the vets and he said she was 5 to 7 or maybe even 8 years old.  He pointed out her spay scare and said it had been done with in a 6months to year but more like about 6 months ago!!!  She was in very good health!!
Happy stayed in very good health for 14 years with us. We lost our Bambi June 3 2011 and she started going down hill from that time on, very slowly but still~~~~~~~.
She started eating more and  not showing that she was eating more!!!
 She keep losing weight.  Tom had her to the vets many times!!
They kept telling Tom she is so old!! He had all the tests done on her. She was just old!!!  She had all her teeth and they were in really great shape.  Everything was testing good.  8 days ago she started to have seizures. She had 4 in total.  They were very hard on her.
Tom took her to the vets Saturday morning and helped her to the bridge.  She went very peacefully............  It was a hard day for us.  It was a hard week-end!!!!  We knew when we lost Zoie that Happy was not far behind. We are without  now and the house is so empty!!
Tom will be coming home soon enough with a kitten --- one that purrs!!!!!!   Happy didn't purr loud enough to hear her.   To tell if she was purring you had to feel her!!!  We have so missed that loud purr!!! Happy until the very end would not sit in your lap so we want a lap kitty this next time!!  We miss her so but we knew this was coming.  Zoie was a shock!!!  I kind of hope we can be without for a while now.  BUT if one shows up then we will have another animal.
All I have now are the coons and the birds!!!  They will be my animals now for a while!!! 

Hope you have a good week!!!
Love coming your way,  Fern  


  1. So sorry for your loss, but having lived with a dog with seizures, I know it's very hard on them, and on their people. Thanks to you and Tom for taking Happy in and letting her go when the time came for that too.

  2. So sorry to hear about Happy, but she had a number of good years with you. It's been a rough few weeks for you. A new little life would be a good thing.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. Sorry to hear about Happy. But it sound like Happy had a happy life and she bounces freely now.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about Happy. She had a very long life and I know her happiest years were when she moved in with you. Run Free, Sweet Girl.

  5. Oh Fern! Enjoy your critters in the yard, and your memories of Happy Cat...

  6. Oh fern, sorry that Happy cat has gone to the bridge. You are dew some happiness.
    Thinking of you. Jan. George and Tess xxx

  7. Happy had a good long life with you and Tom, Fern. She was a lucky kitty.
    Godspeed Happy.

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  8. Happy had the best life ever. So sorry
    Benny & Lily

  9. It doesn't matter how long we have a pet, we are never really ready to let go. Happy had such a great life, thanks to you.

  10. Oh Fern, what a terrible time. I am so sorry for your most recent loss and we hope that you get better soon. Cocco is sending lots of snorts and kisses your way.
    -Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

  11. Dear Fern, I am sorry for this loss you've had; Happy was a good cat to you but she is now with Zoie and Bambi. I am not surprised that you'll end up with a kitty but wonder if you'll get another dog? I hope you are at peace over these losses. Sending hugs and love to you today.

  12. So sad for you Fern and so close together. I hope you will get another cat but give yourself time. Hugs GJ xx

  13. What a hard time you're having Fern. But, as you say, it was time for Happy to go and you were prepared for it. Doesn't make the emptiness easier but it is less of a shock to the system. I hope you're otherwise well and look forward to reading about the next One that will find a home with you and Tom... cat, dog or coon :) X

  14. Oh, no, Miss Fern! I am so sad that Happy had to go to the Bridge - especially so soon after Zoie. I know that Zoie and Bambi were both there to greet her and show her around. But I also know that you're going to miss her something awful.

    I'm sending you lots of brindle kisses and my momma is sending you lots of hugs.


  15. Hi Fern, so very sorry about Happy. You and Tom gave her a happy name and she was certainly that living in your loving home. Enjoy the little outside critters for now. Take it easy and look after yourself for a while and maybe when the time is right, and you are feeling better, another little purring puss might come your way. Take care and hugs to all. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory. P.S. Don't forget to post everynow and then so we know you are ok. x

  16. Dear Fern and Tom,
    I am so sorry that his has come so close on the heels of losing Zoie.
    I don't think you have an empty home at all. It is FILLED with WONDERFUL Memories. They will sustain you in the days to come.

  17. Oh Fern, such a sad time for you :( It sounds like Happy was very happy with you. You were meant to have furries to love, so I hope another finds its way to you xox

  18. Oh, I am so sorry about Happy Fern. Happy did have a Happy life and she loved you about as much as you loved her. I think you will love a new kitten!!

    Diana, Jazzi and Addi

  19. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear about Happy. Please keep those fond memories with you as I am sure Happy would want you to keep yourself happy too. You and Tom had given Happy a happy life and I hope those fond memories of Happy will fill up the hole in your heart.
    Please take care, Miss Fern.
    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  20. We're sorry you had another loss so soon.

    Hugs & love,
    Pam & Oskar

  21. Oh, Fern. I am so sorry about Happy. You have had so much on your heart. All your babies are together. Hugs.

  22. Happy lived a good long life with you. I'm so sorry she passed. We will be thinking of you today.


  23. I am so sorry Fern!! What a beautiful life Happy had with you...

    This has been a terrible week for you. I am praying for peace and better days and a brand new kitty to love..

  24. Oh, Fern. You have really had a horrible couple of weeks. I'm so sorry about Happy, and so soon after you lost Zoie. Sage and I are thinking of you and Tom.